Interpretation Centre of Roman Leon

León Romano
León Romano

The so-called CAsona de Puerta Castillo, building with a broad histoy, houses the Interpretation Centre of Roman Leon. The exhibition consits of several thematic areas that are distributed throughout the various rooms of space.

Address: Plaza de Puerta Castillo

Phone: +34 987 89 55 25




THE ROMAN ARMY: includes the important role played by the army in the history of ancient Rome, with special emphasis on the imperial stage.

HISPANIAS PACAVI: The Cantabrian and Asturian war marked the epilogue of the conquest of Hispania by Rome. The newly conqueres territory will assimilate to Roman life.

THE ROMAN LEON: thanks to continuous archeological work carried out in the subsoil of León, new and suggestive perspectives on the knowledge of the ancient city have been opened.

THE SIXTH VICTORIOUS LEGION AND THE LEGIO VII GEMINA: review of the major milestones that marked the history of the two legions settled in the León site.

CONTUBERNIUM: recreation of one of the rooms that accommodated the Roman legionaries.

THE LEIGO VII GEMINA AND ITS PERMANENT FORTRESS IN LEÓN: in this room it is shown the main known evidence of the legionary fortress that was installed by the legio VII in the last quarter fo the A.D. I century, and that will last until the end Roman world. Special attention is paid to the civilian settlements emerged int he surronundings of the legionnaire enclave, and also to some aspects of the life of the inhabitants of anciente Legio.

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