Monuments in the city of León

  • Roman Walls

    Still standing are parts of the Roman walls that originally formed a quadrilateral round the city that was later surrounded by buildings and then deformed by the restorations of Alfonso V and Alfonso...

  • The Old City Hall, St Marcellus Square

    Address: Plaza San Marcelo, s/n

    Under construction from the XVIth Century, it was recently finished.

  • St Anne’s Church

    In the old Jewish quarter, it may once have been a synagogue. It was founded by the Knights of the Order of St John.

  • St Isidore’s Basilica

    The most important Romanesque building in Spain, it is a synthesis from the Romanesque style to the Baroque. Its construction was ordered by Fernando and Sancha, and San Isidoro was the headquarters...

  • St Marcellus’ Church

    St Marcellus, the patron saint of the city, was a Roman centurion. The church has a Latin cross groundplan and is mainly 17th century. It has a Gothic tympanum and inside it there is a large main...

  • Cripta Puerta Obispo

    Address: Plaza Puerta Obispo, s/nº

    The crypt, located on the south side of the Cathedral, is located on the south side of the Cathedral, sheltering inside the archaeological remains found during excavations in 1986 on the occasion of...

  • The Botines Building

    By the great architect Gaudí in the Neoclassical style. The groundplan is trapezoidal and there are towers on the corners topped out with pinnacles. The windows are inspired in those of the triforium...

  • The Bullring

    In the recently restored bullring, traditional bullfights are held during the city festivities.

  • The San Marcos Parador

    The Catholic King Fernando The Catholic made an economic contribution to help its construction. The architects were: Juan de Orozco (church), Martín de Villarreal (façade) and Juan de Badajoz...

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