Monuments in the city of León

  • Church of Our Lady of the Way, formerly the Market Church

    A basilican church in the form of a tomb, the front is narrower on plan than the rest. Its two Romanesque apses are roofed with half-domes and there are beautiful capitals and chequered impost lines....

  • Church of the Capuchin Fathers

    The original Gothic church, by García Pumarino, was severely burnt in 1464 and demolished in 1762. It was a victim of the Disentailment of the early 19th century but the friars returned in 1882.

  • Conceptionists’ Convent

    It was founded in 1512 by Doña Leonor de Quiñones. It has a Romanesque doorway from the previous building on the site, corridors with Mudejar painting, and a 16th-century church without aisles by...

  • Consistory

    León’s Plaza Mayor, or main square, has the charm and stately bearing of other Plazas Mayores in Spain. It was built in two stages, the first ending in 1672 to plans by Father Antonio Ambrosio and...

  • Count Luna’s Palace

    Situated on the square named after the Count, it was built to the orders of Alfonso XI at the beginning of the 14th century.

  • Damp Quarter

    The name of this area is not derived from an excess of water but from the number of typical watering holes of another type, where you can try the local wines accompanied by an imaginative repertory...

  • Grain Square

    Address: Plaza del Grano s/n

    At the lower end of the San Martín quarter, a square was laid out in a flat area between the boundaries of the quarter and the French Pilgrim Route to Santiago.

  • Guzmán el Bueno Square

    Alfonso Pérez de Guzmán was born in León around 1256. King Sancho IV had entrusted him with the defence of Tarifa, much to the displeasure of Prince John, who was to reign in León for three years,...

  • Inmaculada Circus

    This is halfway down the avenue leading from Santo Domingo Square to the San Marcos Hotel.

  • Headquarters of the Diputación (Provincial Government) of León.

    Built at the orders of Juan Quiñones y Guzmán, Bishop of Calahorra, work began in 1560 under the direction of Rodrigo Gil de Hontañón. The building was acquired by the provincial government in 1882...

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