Walking Round León

A stroll around León
A stroll around León

León keeps the remains from the Roman ancient walls which protected the city. Known as the “cubes walls” and built in stone and pebbles, the walls are still visible in several zones of the city. The four primitive doors suffered from Almanzor’s attack and were rebuilt by Alfonso V with solid cubes. The enclosures known as Las Cercas, in the old town, are another example of the ancient city’s protection.

Detail from the street Calle Ancha
Detail from the street Calle Ancha

The streets of Calle Ancha, Burgo Nuevo, Pícara Justina, the square Plaza de San Marcos or the Catedral’s surroundings are some of the zones that have been turned into pedestrian streets, thinking in the passer-by’s comfort. The construction of some underground parkings, the traffic diversión and the pavements widening helps to a better access and protects León’s valuable heritage.

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