Our Gastronomy

Real pantheon
Good eating in León comes from long ago.

Leonese gastronomy is an exquisite food kitchen, consistent main courses to face the long winter, delicious fresh meat, cold meat, tasty vegetables and delicious home-made deserts.

Popular wisdom profits from the regional products to offer our visitors delicatessen base don the quality of our raw materials.

Imagination overflows with the benefits from the abundant hunting and hare, rabbit, partridge, quail or wild boar are cooked in the pan, either fried or stewed. The pork is the sins father in León, used for black pudding, spicy dry sausage, ham, loin… handmade cold meat that, after being smoked, keeps the traditional old taste. Not to forget the star from all the cold meat: cecina (salt-dried meat)

There are many different remarkable specialities in the province, such as Botillo del Bierzo (cold pork meat even with bones), Cocido maragato (regional stew), Olla berciana (casserole from El Bierzo), or the trout, product from the thousands of km of trout rivers that flow through the province. Trout has a main place in León’s restaurants and snack-bars.

But Leonese table plays a part in the new kitchen tendencies and therefore new restaurants that experience new courses and new taste combinations have been opened.

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