Visit to the Conceptionists' Convent

Mass at the Conceptionists' Convent Mass at the Conceptionists' ConventMass at the Conceptionists' Convent

On the 8th December, the Day of the Immaculate Conception, the Corporation, dressed in all its ceremonial finery, and as guest of honour at a religious service, proceeds along Rúa Street from the city hall to the convent founded by Leonor de Quiñones, a daughter of the first Count of Luna.

The convent, which has been immersed in urban life for five hundred years, is involved in municipal protocol by virtue of the Marian persuasion of the Corporation.

In 1656, the Corporation visited the convent for the first time and the visit on the day of the Immaculate Conception was thus institutionalized. In 1668, the Corporation accepted an invitation from the Cathedral chapter, and there began the Corporation’s custom of going to the Cathedral every 8th December, postponing the visit to the convent to the following Sunday, with few exceptions, taking an offering of wax, which could be replaced with a cash donation, the amount of which has varied over the years. In 1952, after a long break the custom was restored.

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