San Juan and San Pedro

San Juan and San Pedro
San Juan and San Pedro

Date: Held between June 20th and June 30th

The Festivities of San Juan and San Pedro, held on late June, offer a funny atmosphere, strengthened by the summer solstice. They make the big week of the city, the reference of entertainment and joy of the province, thanks to the participation and enthusiasm of the Leónese.

During these years, we in León’s Town Hall and the Concejalía de Fiestas (Festivities Council) have worked to increase the program of activities and help this festivities reaching all the city areas, with the aim of bringing its magic to every inhabitant. The visit of the Carnaval figures Gigantes y Cabezudos are always welcome in every corner of León. Furthermore, activities such as karaoke, parties, circus and street theatre have brought our celebration to every door

Two parades take place during this festivity: first one, which tells the beginning of the programmes, is addressed to the youngest and introduces the Queen and the Ladies-in-waiting, which will represent all the Leónese in most of the acts held. The second parade is night and based in fantasy. It brings all kind of surprises and fabulous characters to the joy of all those who want to reach the city centre. The Midsummer Eve, La Noche de San Juan, signals our celebration’s inflection. The magic eve of the fire is the moment when all the Leónese burn in the Bonfire everything that prevents them to enjoy the rest of the year. The international level fireworks deserve to be mentioned here. Our population is said to be one of the most experienced in the whole country.

The banks of Bernesga River, during this celebration, turn into Active Young Territory. The riverbanks become a great amusement park for ski and snowboard, water-skiing, canoeing, water bikes, extreme cycling, climbing and also beach football, basketball, beach volley, ping pong, hockey, and so on and so forth. There are different work ships also, and a Chill Out marquee, a baby park car, pirate ship, cabaret and stands for the young people, Expo Joven.

There is a daily program for the youngest, with animation workshops, theatres, storytellers, and games developed in the different areas of the city during the morning, and move to the pedestrian streets in the evening. The children activities are really important for the Concejalía (Council) that is the reason why we always have the best professionals to amuse the children and reassure their parents.

What is a celebration without music? During this week, León remains the musical reference of the region, attracting more and more people every year, due to the wide variety and quality of the performances programmed. Our offer includes the top groups, performing at the Bullring (Plaza de Toros) or the Main Square (Plaza Mayor). There is music to please everyone, with jazz, pop-rock and folk music and dances to present traditional Leónese music. We have also singer-songwriter seasons, alternative music, world’s music and a prestigious Flamenco Festival.

The street theatre is another referent in our program: the best street companies from all around the World perform in León there spectacles in a series that make a complete festival of the highest level. We invite you to have a laugh with it, to enjoy and, above all, to get involved in the different performances.

All in all, we always have some festivities ready for the Leónese and our visitors. We always have some festivities for you.

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