Christmas celebrations are special in León: it is cold, there are Christmas street lights, and there is also the possibility of snowing. All this facts increase the delight of the youngest and create a magic atmosphere that spreads among the whole population.

These festivities have a strong religious and familiar nature. In Christmas time, the shops decorate their windows to take part in the Concurso de Embellecimiento Navideño (Christmas Beautify Contest). The Chorals sing Christmas carols on every square and the Christmas Street Market attracts visitors from the entire province.

These are days to dream on a better future, to sing the typical Ramo Leónés, a celebration that has gained new popularity, and to take part in all the events that both the Town Hall and the different associations organize during this period.

The International Festival of Magic takes also place in Christmas. This prestigious event is held in many .

But the most expected moment is, without a doubt, the arrival of the Three Wise Men. León becomes meticulous to gets ready for that day, first with the visit of, the Wise Men’s Postmen , that go through every area of the City receiving the letters from the children and selecting the best letter for the contest aimed to welcome the Wise Men. Everything converges in the evening of January 5th, when the Wise Men go through the city streets in a huge Parade with their retinues, animals, presents and lots of fantasy characters.

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