• Carnival

    León’s Carnival festivities have an order of preference in our program, because they are considered the most crowded from all our festivities. They were restored in the middle 80’s after a...

  • Christmas

    Christmas celebrations are special in León: it is cold, there are Christmas street lights, and there is also the possibility of snowing. All this facts increase the delight of the youngest and create...

  • Legio VII Gemina

    Una vez concluida la guerra contra los cántabros y astures (29-19 a.C.), hecho que marca el final de la conquista de la Península por parte de Roma, una de las legiones participantes en la contienda,...

  • Pendones

    We may consider the Festivity of San Froilán as the most traditional of all we hold in León, for they link our city’s roots and culture from their beginning in the Middle Ages. Those are the days to...

  • San Juan and San Pedro

    The Festivities of San Juan and San Pedro, held on late June, offer a funny atmosphere, strengthened by the summer solstice. They make the big week of the city, the reference of entertainment and joy...

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