Travelling to the past

Travelling to the past
Travelling to the past

Lying under the waters of the reservoir of Los Barrios de la Luna, meadows and grazing lands, which the suggestive name Luna, seem to refer to the planet.

Next to it, the village after whom it is named, hosts on Friday and Sunday during the months of July, August and September, a guided tour which helps the visitor to discover the secrets of this unique place, rich in history, traditions and legends. A privileged enclave, the surrounding area of Barrios de Luna hides one of the most important geological areas in Europe, a place where the origins of the Cordillera Cantábrica (the Cantabrian Mountains) are revealed

With the help of an interpreter-guide, the explanations, indications and activities will show to the participants a distant and remote past, hard to be imagined, when the whole Cordillera Cantábrica was submerged in a shallow sea, dwelled by fascinating creatures. It is a place that has almost nothing in common with the place that we all know nowadays.

Examinating the rocks

Not only the rocks have thousand-year old secrets to tell, the people in Barrios de la Luna keep with jealousy a rich history of noble lineage families, reflected in the noble coats of arms, in the remains of the castle and its legend, in the echoes of the not so distant migratory livestock which used to cross the valley, searching for grazing lands. All this memories are recalled in the Museum Museo del Pastor (The Shepherd Museum), whose visit is part of the tour.

The traditional architecture of Valle de Luna, the ancient uses of this territory or the savines of Mirantes de Luna, among several other details, will show themselves to the visitor, with the careful help of the guide, so that our interpreter can be transformed in an accomplice of the most intimate secrets of the surrounding landscape.

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