Burgo Ranero - Mansilla de las Mulas

Length: 18,5 Kilometres

Depending on the decision made, the pilgrim will be able continue through 2 different paths: either Vía Trajana or Camino Real Francés.

If the choice was Vía Trajana, this option is perfectly valid for the pilgrims that go on foot, but it is a bit difficult for those who take their pilgrimage by bicycle. Vía Trajana has many stony stretches that make it difficult to go by bicycle. The Alto of Villamarco and the village of Reliegos are the inmediate reference for the traveller. From Villamarco, this path evolves in parallel with the other one. Lastly, this route crosses the A-road Nacional 625 to Cistierna and, soon after, we can see the end of the stage, Mansilla de las Mulas.

The second option to cover this stage of the pilgrimage to Santiago crosses the gravel road parallel with the Real Camino Francés. The pilgrim will go on, leaving on the right the railway León-Palencia. During this way, the pilgrim will enjoy some rest areas specially built to make the pilgrimage easier to the tired traveller. During this stage, before reaching Reliegos, the traveller will find, little further than one km, on the left side of the path, the village of Villamarco. After crossing Reliegos, the pilgrim will have walked half the stage. There are 6 km left to reach Mansilla de las Mulas, end of this stage.

Burgo Ranero - Mansilla de las Mulas
Burgo Ranero - Mansilla de las Mulas


El Burgo Ranero

In this small village of just 310 inhabitants, we are due to name Doménico Laffi, a pilgrim from the XVIIth Century that gives his name to the cosy Hostel –built in 1990- that the Town Hall from El Burgo offers to the travellers. Laffi tells the situation from three centuries ago in his travelbook: “we found ourselves a Hostel, but it was so poor that we had to sleep over the floor, for they are all sheep shepherds, and they live in this village, built from hay huts”. The parish church is devoted to the protection of San Pedro.


Villamarco holds its festivities on May 15th (San Isidro) and December 8th (La Inmaculada). Its parish church was rebuilt during the 70’s and it is said that all the artistic objects and items of value were sold. The Hermitage Ermita del Santo Cristo is also in Villamarco.


The Real Camino Francés crosses what is known nowadays as Calle Mayor of this village of 298 inhabitants. The popular architecture from León, here shown through the adobe houses, is one of the most recognizable features. The Parish Church is devoted to San Cornelio and San Cipriano, respective Pope and Bishop from Carthage.

Mansilla de las Mulas

In this remarkable point of the pilgrimage to Santiago in León, both Real Camino Francés and Vía Trajana join again, after forking in Calzada del Coto, around 31 km before. Mansilla was always a crossroads, a village for agricole and livestock fairs, and that might be the procedence of the nickname "de las Mulas". The Vía Trajana ends in Mansilla through the Arco de la Concepción, kept exactly as when it was crossed by the pilgrims in the previous centuries. The Real Camino Francés reaches la Puerta de Santiago, today turned into a stone corridor without any arc.


Hostel de El Burgo Ranero, Doménico Laffi

  • Place: El Burgo Ranero
  • Phone: 987 330 023 - 987 330 047 (Town Hall of El Burgo Ranero)
  • Property: Association of the Camino de Santiago de León
  • Were it close, please call at the Town Hall or ask the inhabitants.

Hostel de Reliegos de las Matas

  • Address: Calle Escuela
  • Place: Reliegos de las Matas
  • Phone: 987 317 801. Resides, here are the phone numbers from the Town Hall of Santas Martas: 987 314 103 - 987 317 867 - 987 317 871
  • Property: Municipal
  • The people in charge of the Hostel are Iluminada and Laudelino.Were it close, ask the inhabitants or call the Residents’ Association at 987 317 867.

Hostel de Mansilla de las Mulas

  • Address: Calle del Puente, Nº 5
  • Place: Mansilla de las Mulas
  • Phone: 987 310 138 (Oficina de Turismo)
  • Property: Municipal. The Asociación de Amigos del Peregrino de Mansilla pays the costs of preservation.
  • Laura Barredo is the person in charge of the Hostel. Were it closed, you can find her at 661 977 305.

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