Lecture-Performance: New Artistic Formats, Places, Practices and Behaviours

Conferencia performativa: nuevos formatos, lugares, prácticas y comportamientos artísticos
Conferencia performativa: nuevos formatos, lugares, prácticas y comportamientos artísticos

Start date: 18/10/2013

End date: 20/10/2013

The Lecture - performance project explores and probes the lecture as expanded art practice and the different forms of public presentation and interaction with the audience as new specific forms of artistic and discursive production. It is a hybrid, cross-contaminated project that combines the practical and discursive aspects of creation and voluntarily places itself between discourse and action, between reflection and production, between conceptual art and performance, between scientific research and the spectacle and between mediation and diffusion of art.

Friday 18 October

  • 18:00 h. Francisco Ruiz de Infante. La línea (2013). Approx. 40 min. [Hall 4]. Language: Spanish.
  • 19:00 h. Javier Peñafiel. Latido antecedente (2013). Approx. 45 min. [Hall 4]. Language: Spanish.

Saturday 19 October

  • 12:00 h. Isidoro Valcarcel Medina. Una sola vez (2013). Approx. 30 min. [Conference Hall]. Language: Spanish.
  • 13:00 h. Chiara Fumai. Chiara Fumai Reads Valerie Solanas (2012-13). Approx. 30 min. [Conference Hall] Language: English.
  • 18:00 h. Erick Beltrán. Aparición de unidades (2012-13). Aprox. 60 min. [Conference Hall]. Language: Spanish.
  • 18:00 h. Paco Cao. Film El veneno del baile (2009). Approx. 71 min. [Conference Hall]. Language: English.
  • 19:30 h. Paco Cao. Venenum Saltationis (2013). Approx. 45 min. [Conference Hall]. Language: Spanish.

Sunday 20 October

  • 12:00 h. Ricardo Valentim. Growth and Culture (2012). Approx. 40 min. [Conference Hall]. Language: English.
  • 13:00 h. Alistair Gentry. Magickal Realism (2010). Approx. 60-90 min. [Conference Hall]. Language: English.
  • 18:00 h. Chiara Fumai. I did Not Say or Mean ‘Warning’ (2013). Approx. 40 min. [Hall 4]. Language: English
  • 19:00 h. Paco Cao. Servicio de coctelería psicológica (2013). [Cidón Coffee Shop]. Language: Spanish and English.

Sunday, October 20
11 a.m. Meeting Point: museum desk Manuel Olveira, MUSAC Director and curator of the project will make a guided tour through the show. -

Free admission until filled to capacity

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