San Isidoro's monumental fresco of light

Iluminación artística de San Isidoro
Iluminación artística de San Isidoro

Start date: 23/04/2016

End date: 02/10/2016

Kingdom of Leon is a monumental fresco of light created by the León Royal Foundation in May 2011. It is a personal vision of French artist Xavier de Richemont. The work is divided into several projections that tell the history of the Kingdom of Leon.

The start of the projection shows a large blue wasteland full of signs and symbols astures. Swirling forms invade the façade and paint an idyllic landscape where gold is the country's wealth. Rome's legions commanded by Emperor Augustus, occupy Asturia and coin currency, the wall erected by the Legio VII protects the Roman soldiers. The Roman camp is built with the gold of the Médulas. The mosaic includes the first Roman converts to Christianity during the fourth and fifth centuries

The Visigoths kings build the first Christian monuments. The façade is covered with ornaments of gold and precious stones, some from the treasure of San Isidoro. Music is Byzantine. The Omayyad of the East invades Hispania and reaches the Gallia. A Moorish palace replaced by a short period of time to the early Christian churches. The duduk and bokouk cover tunes arrivals Christian Constantinople. Pelayo pushes Muslims to the south. The Kings of Leon impose their power in the tenth century in 910 the Kingdom of León was founded. Limoges enamels magnifies the year 1000 and the glory of God. Today can be seen in the Treasury of the Basilica.

The first Romanesque church was built in the eleventh century on the site of the former Roman camp. The kings Fernando I and Sancha continued with the construction of the Basilica and the Royal Pantheon, which is decorated with magnificent frescoes. Around the relics of St. Isidore of Seville written monks and they illuminate the great Leon Bible. King Alfonso IX writes the three axes of the law jurisdiction, decrees, Fazana. The text is written in Latin, Hebrew and Greek.

It is the hour of glory and wealth of the Kingdom of Leon, symbolized by the Basilica overlaid with gold. It is also the strength of Baroque Spain and campaigns of conquest of America, the architecture is churrigueresca. The French Empire Napoleon attacks plaguing Europe and Spain: vandalism destroyed the tombs of the Kings of Leon.

The modern age brings iron architecture and a new way of living. The music is lively and cheerful. The city of Leon is renewed and takes the colors of modernity for its new architecture is contemporary times ...

Location : San Isidoro squared

Time: Every saturday (23.00 hand 23.30 h)

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